Character Creation


First of all, an apology. It appears after only two weeks I have fallen behind in my self-imposed requirement of at least one post a week. So, here is the first of two posts for this week, to make amends!

Over that last two weekends we (me and my group of players) have had two Character Creation sessions. The aim of these sessions was to create not only interesting characters with plenty of role-playing potential, but also to create a compelling reason for the group to be together, and to build some relationships, and some tensions, between the player characters.

The inspiration and direction for much of this exercise came from a post by the Chatty DM, entitled the Party Creation Session Template. This post gave me a heap of tips and strategies to get the players to think about ways they knew each other, and also to create a bit more of a history for themselves in the world.

For some of the players, this was a simple matter, as they had a very complete view of their character, and quite an extensive history. Others had a much less complete character concept, and I think this exercise helped them to think a bit more about their character and how they fit into the campaign world.

The major recent event of the campaign world has been an extended war against the demons, which ended a year ago in-game. A number of the players’ characters had fought in that war, and were able to establish that they knew (or, at least, knew OF) each other from their Army days.

From this base, the PCs were able to construct an entire back story that saw them venture around the southeast of the continent, gathering a group of famous veterans of the war together.

I gave the players a pretty wide scope to be able to shape the world and people within it in ways that they felt would help their ideas. This is, I feel, the area that the exercise faced the most trouble.I have a history of being fairly resistant to changes to game cannon. I have tried to open up this new world to be a bit more of a collaborative approach, but it would appear as though my reputation has scared the players away a little. I will endeavor to encourage them to be a bit more forward with suggestions.

Finally, I asked the group what they wanted from the game, what sort of game would they like to play in?

The responses I got ranged from “more fantastic locations” and “more natural environments” to “some political intrigue” and “more puzzles and riddles.”

It would appear I have my work cut out for me!

All I need to work out now is, how and where am I going to start the adventure?


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