Why I play D&D


So, why D&D I hear you ask? Or maybe, why 4th edition D&D?

( I assume no-one reading this is going to be asking WHAT is D&D, so I’ll just skip that question!)

I’m an (amateur) actor, and a(n aspiring) writer. I am extremely interested in Character Creation and story development. I’m also a pretty big geek, and enjoy games. seems like a pretty simple equation, right?

Well, for some reason, it wasn’t. Somehow I managed to grow up, through the entire 80s and 90s, and the vast majority of the 00s without ever encountering D&D. Not once.

I don’t really know the reason for this, and I don’t really know if the IS a reason. It may simply be bad luck.

At any rate, about a year a go, I started to look into D&D, prompted by a number of sources, including Penny Arcade, PvP and a couple of friends.

I bought the Starter Set and played by myself trying to work out the rules and make sense of it all. I took a while, but in the end I started to make some headway.

Over the past year I have recruited some friends to play, and have managed to run two reasonable successful campaigns, both a published adventure and a homebrew adventure.

But, to answer the question I posed at the start of this post, the reason I play D&D is to tell stories. I really enjoy the fact that this game allows me to get together with my friends and create a new world and to do pretty much whatever we want within it, only limited by our imaginations.

And the reason for $e, rather than another game, or an older edition? Well, that’s pretty simple, It’s the only game I’ve really played. I’ve read previous versions, and I’ve read other role-playing games, but I’ve not yet managed to sell it to the others in the group, who are nowhere near as eager to memorise a book load full of rules.

Not really that revolutionary or controversial, but a reason none-the-less.

Next week, I’ll run through past campaigns, and explain the reasons to start on a new world and a new adventure.


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