An introduction


Hi everybody!

My name is Kip, and I’m a budding writer and Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master, two hobbies that are closely related.

I’ve only recently started playing D&D, having never played role-playing games before (I grew up in the country. We played sports. I assure you I am still a nice person!) and I am now getting close to the end of a second campaign.

I have learned a hell of a lot over the past year, and from the two campaigns.

The first campaign I ran was Keep on the Shadowfell, the official WOTC module designed for characters levels 1 to 3. We had a ball playing that game, and by the end, I was itching to try to design a game of my own.

I designed a campaign revolving around the PCs having to find and reclaim a lost city, learning as they did that a demon was sleeping beneath the city. The demon was the source of all the cities woes and would need to be defeated if the PCs were to be finally victorious.

After about six months of play, and a bit of rotation of players, we are approaching the end of this campaign. So, now as we come to the end of my first ever home-brew campaign and it’s time to start working on the next one!

And that is where this blog comes into play. This will be a record of all the trials, successes and failures that I experience in the course of designing, building, fleshing out etc of this new world, and new adventure set therein.

I’m going to concentrate on the story telling aspects of the new world, because that is the side that is most interesting to me.

So, I don’t know at this point how successful this will be, or how well I will stick to these aims, but I’m gonna try my best, dammit!

I’m aiming for at least one post per week (there, now it’s in writing, so I can’t go back on it!) and these will vary in topic, whether I discuss party building, adventure design, various encounters, up to and including world design.

Well, that’s probably enough of an introduction for now. Stay tuned for future posts!


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